Here are some of the childrens lives have been changed thanks to your generous donation.

Tenzin Dolma

1st year students doing 2nd Semester

I have a great interest in Sowa Rigpa Medicine and also wanted to help other people through this medical system.After studying this course, I want to continue with my studies to become Gynecologist and then it would be easier to help others.When I was small, my parents got divorced and I did not see my father. I used to stay with my mother until the age of 6. I was sent to India with my grandmother and then I got the opportunity to study at T.C.V. school in Dharamsala where everything was free for the children like us. I have a monk from my same village in Tibet who is helping me in small things. Presently my families are in Tibet who cannot support me in doing this course.

Yeshi Gyatso Gurung

2nd year students doing 4th Semester

I choose to study this course to protect my family who believes in this system of Medicine and also to help all sentient beings.My future plan is to cure the patient, to establish a clinic in my village and to develop Sowa Rigpa Medical system.There are 7members in my family. My father being old is the only one who is responsible for all the expenses of our family.

Radhika Thapa

3rd year students doing 6th Semester

My lifelong dream to become a great person as a Medical Professor. Therefore I decided to study Sowa Rigpa Medicine just to provide some benefit to all the sentient beings through health services being a good physician after studying this course.My future plan is to make all the sentient beings free from illness & suffering. After studying this course, I can provide services not only giving health care but I can also propagate what is the main theme of Buddhism which helps the people to know the reality of anything which is impermanent.I was born in the small and beautiful village of Hilly region in Nepal. There are 6members in my family. They are my parents, elder brother, 2elder sisters & me. My father is a farmer who is always working hard in the field and my mother is a housewife. The only income source for our family is from my elder brother who is doing a small job in our village. One of my elder brother and sister are already married and they have to look after their own family. Currently I and one of my sister is studying.

Thinlay Wangmo

3rd year students doing 6th Semester

I must say I don’t have any idea regarding Sowa Rigpa before but now its my passion and a way to serve all the sentient beings. The main reason behind is to save the life of all.I want to study furthermore and explore both the Modern and Sowa Rigpa and relate more on surgical level (if I can).I am the youngest child of my family who hasn’t been in contact or touch since childhood. Which means I was raised by an orphanage. I have a mother who is in a village and a sister who is studying.

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